Happens for a Reason

14 of April, 2012

Don’t Believe what people tell you. When it comes to storytelling.

That you can’t blend realism into Fantasy.

That you can’t cuss—(in your writings of course.)

That you can’t be a Christ-Lubber and a writer. 

       But that is besides the point.

Often times—we are caught in stigma of real life, fantasy—and the wonder of (in a sorta-fusion of both) heaven and hell. Some people in our world don’t want literature truthful to our life.

Literature and Books are the few escapist ways out of this world. There is a couple others—one is a bit too much to say—the other is praying on your knees. 

People don’t know this. But Bridge to Terabithia is actually based off a real life.

Lisa Hill Katherine Paterson’s son’s best friend—was struck by lightening and died.

She writes in an essay:

[David goes] down the list of his family and loved ones, all of whom God will kill in punishment for his real and imagined sins This is not the God I know–not the God we thought we had taught our children about, but this was one child’s painful struggle to find meaning. Which is why, finally, I began to write a story. I was trying to make sense of a tragedy that didn’t make sense. As a writer, I know that a story needs to make sense. It has to have a beginning, a middle and ending, and when you come to the ending, you look back and even if it is unexplainable intellectually, emotionally, you know you have made the journey from chaos to order, from senselessness to meaning. Often you find yourself at a total loss when someone asks you what your book is about. You can’t put it into a neat verbal summary, because if you, the writer, have done your job, the whole story is the meaning.”

It weird. Mark Twain said a similar thing: “It’s no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense.”

I always wondered why there was alot of Atheist Writers. They play-god all the time—why can’t they imagine God? 

Perhaps they have a Vonnegut way of seeing things: ”[If he did exist. It looks like he has no clue what he is doing.]” 

And people get caught up in suffering they can’t get past it—and they see God with a lightening bolt ready to strike like a Camper with a Shotgun in Halo Reach.

If there is anything we should accept, is a quote that should bother all of us: “Suffering Happens” (I contemplated the other S-Word but I went against it) We have to except this:


Or it doesn’t.

 We can argue all day whether Suffering should or shouldn’t exist. But the real matter of it. Is can we turn hellish experiences into more? Could we comfort each other and become brother and sisters in arms seeing beyond the threshold of suffering? 

Even Katherine Paterson’s Son, David, ended up writing the Disney Screenplay “Bridge to Terabithia” anyways.  Showing that in his pain, he was able to consol people across the world.

So don’t believe people when they say nothing happens for a reason.

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